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SL 101(TH 101) Salt and Light 1 (Anglican Ethos 1):   

            Tarsitano, Louis:  An Outline of An Anglican Life

SL 102 (TH 102) Salt and Light 2 (Anglican Ethos 2):

             Staley, Vernon: The Catholic Religion

CH 301 Church History: An Introduction:

              Walker, Williston: A History of the Christian Church, 3rd Edition

CH 303  Church History – The Patristic Era:

              Robertson, J.C.: Sketches of Church History, Vol. 1

CH 304  Church History – The Medieval Church:

              Robertson, J.C.: Sketches of Church History, Vol. 2

CH 305  Church History – Reformation to the Present:

              Gonzalez, Justo L.: The Story of Christianity, Vol 2

TH 200   A Beginners Guide to Bible Study:

               Witherup, Ronald D.: The Bible Companion, A Manual for Beginning 

               Readers of Holy Scripture 

TH 201   New Testament Survey:

             Hunter, Archibald M.: Introducing the New Testament, 3rd Edition

TH 204   Old Testament Survey:

              Anderson, Bernard: Understanding the Old Testament, 3rd Edition

TH 202   The Life of Christ:

              Stalker, James: The Life of Christ

TH 203   The Life of Paul:

             Stalker, James: The Life of Paul

TH 206   John, The Maverick Gospel:

             Kysar, Robert: John, The Maverick Gospel, Rev. Ed.

MI 310   Liturgics:

             Lamburn, E.C.: Ritual Notes, 11th Edition

MI 360   Homiletics:

             Demaray, Donald E.: Introduction to Homiletics, 2nd Ed.

TH 410   Anglican Spirituality:

             Material from The Dean

TH 415  The Diaconate

             Barnett, James Monroe: The Diaconate


TH 420   The Christian Priest Today:

              Ramsey, Michael: The Christian Priest Today

TH 451   Dogmatic Theology:

             Moss, Charles Beauford: The Christian Faith

PS 510   Pastoral Counseling I:

Dayringer, Richard: The Heart of Pastoral Counseling: Healing Through Relationships, Revised Edition

PS 520   Pastoral Counseling II:

Collins, Gary R.: Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide, Revised Edition

PS 530   Church Missions:

             Malphurs, Aubrey: Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century

             Wagner, C. Peter: Church Planting for a Greater Harvest

CE 610  Christian Education I:

             Tye, Karen: Basics of Christian Education

CE 620  Christian Education II:

Anthony, Michael J (ed): Christian Education: Foundations for the Twenty-first Century