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Laud Hall Theological Seminary is a distance learning educational institution of the United Anglican Church. The Rt. Rev'd Barry Eugene Yingling, CSSS, is the President and Dean.

Here are some recent Laud Hall news items:

The Rev'd Eric Thompson (Licentiate in Theology 2008) was ordained to the Diaconate on 18 January 2013 at Holy Trinity Cathedral in the Anglican Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago. He has been assigned to serve in the Office of the Bishop, and will assist in parishes on weekends. Congratulations! Deacon Thompson has decided to continue with us on work toward a Master of Divinity.

William Roy Hearter, Jr. MD (Diploma in Anglican Studies 2011, M.Th. 2011) will be ordained to the Permanant Diaconate at Christ Anglican Church in Carefree, AZ on 27 June 2013. Please pray for him!

Ruben Garrote, Miami, Florida, received a Diploma in Anglican Studies on 5 June 2013. Ruben is a member of the Diocese of Southeast Florida of the Episcopal Church, and a Ph.D. Candidate at Florida International University, where he is also employed in teaching and advising positions. Congratulations, Ruben!

Raymond Hugh Morgan of Loveland,CO, received a Diploma in Anglican Studies on 8 June 2013, and will continue work on his M.Th. Ray is a licensed Behavioral Health Therapist with the University of Colorado Health System and a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado. He was formerly a seminarian with the Society of the Atonement (Roman Catholic) and a Franciscan Friar.

Ronald E. Feister, Westerville, OH, received a Diploma in Anglican Studies on 3 August 2013. Ron is an attorney, was a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church and is continuing in bi-vocational ministry in the Anglican Church in North America.

Raymond Hugh Morgan, Loveland, CO, received the Master of Theology degree on 6 June 2014.

Roy M. Hevener, Philadelphia, PA received the Master of Divinity degree on 24 November 2014, prior to leaving for Malawi to begin missionary work.

Also on 24 November, The Rev'd Michael M. Rush was awarded the Master of Divinity degree.

23 May 2015 saw the granting of the Diploma in Anglican Studies to The Rev'd Yossi Sarid, of Las Cruces, NM.

On 7 July 2015, The Rev'd Raymond Morgan received his second degree from the Seminary, this time that of the Master of Divinity.

Eric Anthony Thompson of Trinidad, WI received the Master of Theology degree on 27 July 2016.

On 24 August 2017, Warren Conrad of Lewes, DE received a Certificate of Completion for the Lay Readers Course.

A Doctor of Divinity (Honoris Causa) Degree was awarded on 30 October 2017 to The Rev'd James Bryant Rocha of St. Mary's, GA.

On 5 June 2018 the Diploma in Anglican Studies was awarded to Fitzroy Hamilton Thompson of Trinidad, WI.

The Rev'd Jerry Edwin Young, a Priest in the Anglican Orthodox Church, received the Master of Divinity award on 29 July 2019.

Alumni of Laud Hall may obtain tippet seals of the seminary for a cost of $40 postpaid. Contact Bishop Yingling at byingling@hotmail.com to place your order. The seals are beautiful!