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Laud Hall Theological Seminary was originally chartered in 1962 to serve the Anglican Church as a vehicle for training Clergy and Laity. In the 1980s it was transferred to Texas in the Diocese of the Southwest of the Anglican Episcopal Church of North America. It was moved to Florida when the former President of the Seminary placed it under the direction of the Traditional Episcopal Church.

In 1996, the Seminary was restructured, a Board of Regents was added, the schools and Faculty were expanded and the curriculum was completely revised, with the specific purpose of bringing the school into the 21st Century, placing it online, and making it a full degree-granting institution. This move was accomplished in early 1998 when all the final documents were signed and the State of Florida authorization was conferred. 

Following the union of the Traditional Episcopal Church with the Anglo-Catholic Church in the Americas, the Seminary came under the jurisdiction of the United Anglican Church in 2001. 

In 2007, the College of Bishops of the United Anglican Church reorganized the Seminary, the College itself becoming the Board of Directors. The name of the Seminary was also changed to Laud Hall Theological Seminary. Following the advice of the State of Florida, the total number of credit hours for the Master of Divinity degree program was increased, as were the overall fees charged to students.

The main features of Laud Hall Theological Seminary are:

·         Non-Residential mode for students who are otherwise employed

·         Low Tuition Programs designed for the financially challenged

·         A Master of Divinity Program leading to Holy Orders

·         "Salt & Light" Programs for the lay members of the church

·         A wide variety of courses in an assortment of disciplines  

·         Diploma, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees available

·         Spiritual Direction from Advisors

·         User friendly lesson plans and examinations


The original Laud Hall Theological Seminary had one purpose for being established - to train clergy for the Church in North America. It was so set up, that a man, called to the priesthood in the Anglican Tradition, could prepare for the ministry without leaving his home, employment, or local church.

That primary purpose still remains, with the extension to train both Anglicans and other ministers in the USA and abroad, giving them the education and preparation for the ministry to which they are called. To educate, try, examine, and otherwise prepare them for that ministry in the "external" or non-residential mode. Many of tomorrow’s clergy are hearing the call in mid-life, or even later, and can not leave home, employment and family to attend a full-time, residential seminary.

A second purpose is to provide quality Christian Education to the Lay Members of the Church. With this in mind, the SALT & LIGHT Program have been designed, as a course that will teach the essentials of the faith.


Laud Hall Theological Seminary does not hold regional academic accreditation. Our programs and degrees are theological and ministerial, not secular and academic. We wish to train ministers of the Gospel, which is our primary mission and task. We are, however, recognized by the State of Florida to grant religious degrees.

Laud Hall Theological Seminary is affiliated with The United Anglican Church but accepts students from all denominations.

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